We Offer Companies Capital with Creative Solutions to Restructure and Grow


We have an Extensive Background in Financial Crises Management and Turnarounds


It's Not Just About Cutting Costs
Productivity, Employees and Customer Relations are Equally Important


We Restructure the Balance Sheet without
the Risks and Burden of Bankruptcy




The Gallamar Group is a private investment and advisory firm that specializes in restoring financially distressed and underperforming companies back to health and prosperity.  Our primary objective is to offer companies capital along with creative solutions to revitalize and grow the businesses’ profitability whether it be a control or shared-controlled situation.   

We can quickly identify critical and perilous problems and take swift, necessary action to bring the besieged company back to life.  Whether this includes a capital infusion, refinancing, key operational changes, or even extensive financial restructuring, we know what it takes to save a struggling company.

The Gallamar Group’s principals, investors, lenders and operating partners provide the necessary resources to support the needed change to once again bring about profitability and financial stability to companies who had been headed for collapse.



Manufacturing companies in the metal, plastics, rubber and wood industries.  Processes to include casting, molding, forming, machining, joining, extruding, and laser cutting.


Durable good distributors of motor vehicle parts & supplies, furniture, construction materials, commercial equipment & supplies, metals, electrical goods, and hardware.


Transportation service industry, motor freight, logistics companies, communication business, and other transportation related businesses.


Construction industries like truss manufacturing, value add distributors, tool manufacturers, larger subcontractors, and other related businesses.


Equipment rental & leasing, IT and computer services, security systems, advertising, engineering, repair, and other service related B to B businesses.
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