Focused On Acquiring and
Investing In Businesses

We Improve Operating Results
and Increase Top-Line Revenues

We Offer Companies Solutions
To Revitalize and Grow

We Bring New Resources
and Operational Expertise

Helping Companies
Achieve Their Potential

The Gallamar Group is an investment firm focused on privately-negotiated acquisitions of businesses across a variety of industries.  We provide companies with capital along with creative solutions to revitalize and grow.

Our firm seeks to acquire both performing and underperforming companies to further improve operating results and revenues.  We work side-by-side with business owners and management teams who are looking to move to the next level of performance and growth.

We are experienced hands on operators who also work with underperforming companies to improve profits and revenues.  The Gallamar Group’s principals, investors, lenders and operating partners provide the necessary resources to support continuous improvement, profitability and revenue growth to the companies we partner with.



Manufacturing companies in the metal, plastics, rubber and wood industries.  Processes to include casting, molding, forming, machining, joining, extruding, and laser cutting.


Durable good distributors of motor vehicle parts & supplies, furniture, construction materials, commercial equipment & supplies, metals, electrical goods, and hardware.


Transportation service industry, motor freight, logistics companies, communication business, and other transportation related businesses.


Construction industries like truss manufacturing, value add distributors, tool manufacturers, larger subcontractors, and other related businesses.


Equipment rental & leasing, IT and computer services, security systems, advertising, engineering, repair, and other service related B to B businesses.
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